The future for the workplace

“I’m off to work” once referred to a location, however now it refers to a state of being.

For many of us at some time over the past 18 months, lockdowns have seen parts of our homes morph into hybrid workspaces. Work can now be a nook in the home where you log on and work remotely.
One thing is for certain, employees now have choices about where and how they work.
So what are employees looking for in a centralised office?


The shift from the office as an individual focussed workspace to an adaptable workspace is driving demand for more flexibility in both the short term and long term lease markets. Reflecting on the uncertainty over their future office space requirements, tenants are seeking a mix of core office space and flex office space that can be quickly scaled up and down as required.

Reliable and accessible support services have also become a priority for tenants. Working remotely without the support network of the conventional office has challenged many of us and brought into sharp focus the value of reliable support services.

At The Park this has led to an increased demand for our fully serviced office solutions, where front- of-office tasks including telephone answering, personalised guest reception and administration support  is provided by our team of professional highly trained staff.

As businesses across Australia transition into a post lockdown world, many are considering what the new workplace might look like. One thing is for certain, flexible lease terms and adaptable office spaces will be paramount. To book a tour to discuss how The Park can support your business click here.

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